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The Covid-19 crisis is an unique event in history. How could a tiny virus succeed where anticapitalists and climate activists didn’t? How will the world after the crisis look like? Like an orwellian dystopy or like a paradise where humankind finally looked at itself and is ready for a new era of inclusive togetherness?


The world we live in is still based on a top-down approach, where the knowledge of the ‘elite’ is supposed to find the solutions for all the problems that arise. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a time of kings and knights and the problems are far more complicated to solve than before, even with full-time teams dedicated to support governments. Although well-educated, they cannot know everything about every topic as well. And they FAIL. That’s why the governance should include collective intelligence, crowd sourcing problem solving and ad-hoc processes. This is what is missing now during this Covid-19 crisis. Very interesting knowledge, mostly medical, is not taken into account to save people lives. We need diversity in the sources used to make important decisions. We need procedures to take those lost but worthful voices into account. 


One very striking fact about this epidemic for people who know already about epidemics is that this planetary panic is totally irrational. First the virus is not deadlier than flue, nor is it more contagious. Hospitals are already saturated every flu season for years, with people dying in emergency waiting rooms, nothing new here. When you look at the numbers of deaths, there is also nothing special about them compared to other years. Make believe the virus is responsible alone keeps politicians away from questions about the impact of bad decisions in the healthcare sector for years. It keeps also some doctors from questionning their way of handling patients. To many rumours and fake information made their way to become the apparent only truth. This website collects some of the most important facts and knowledge linked to the crisis. It’s imperfect, it’s man-made, but it’s based on facts and science, whereas many fear-selling medias and politicians don’t do their homework when it comes to inform people. We hope it will contribute to a better understanding of this bad movie we currently live in.