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Interview with swiss epidemiologist Pietro Vernazza: “The figures for the corona virus of young sick people are misleading”

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“The new findings show that many of the measures may even be counterproductive. In particular, he believes that closing schools is wrong, just as a curfew would not be the right thing in an epidemiological sense. His enquiry to the FOPH has shown that the decision to close schools was not made on a scientific basis, but because the other countries have also carried out such decisions”.

“If we close the schools, we prevent the children from becoming immune,” says Vernazza. But if many children become immune, the disease will spread much more slowly. “And children don’t get seriously ill and never die from the disease,” says Vernazza.

Read online (German): https://www.bzbasel.ch/leben/die-zahlen-zu-den-jungen-corona-virus-erkrankten-sind-irrefuehrend-137232970


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mars 21, 2020